Function Google Plus One (Google+1)

Google plus one (google+1) recently emerged and create commotion of people throughout the village google. Many people wonder, "What is the point google one?"
Since the news was booming, I immediately put one without knowing the original function. After browsing here and there, I found this a function of the google of blogs googlesystem.

"1 is the digital shorthand for 'this is pretty cool." To recommend something, all you have to do is click an ad on a webpage or you find useful. These 1's will from then start Appearing in Google's search results "


That way we can reason, more and more people are recommending, then google will look at both those pages. That will facilitate the netter to get accurate information.
Perhaps this feature is one way to improve the quality of search results from Google that has been dominated by the AGC (Auto Generated Content) like omdhani, jevuska, linggars, and other web junk.
Will definitely be a person who wants very much, it will make a lot of gmail account to a blog myself, hehee, joking.

Although already recommended since March, google plus one is still not completely perfect. An additional indirect result of the recommendations emerging Netter, had to wait several minutes before a new value can be increased. In google Indonesian (, plus this one has not emerged, and the javascript from google apis in my opinion is still slow and heavy, still less rapidly with like facebook.
So, just wait its development, whether this feature can google a long-lasting, or even maybe no one cares..


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