Laptop Use and Care Tips

So that we can use your laptop safely and comfortably need to know the treatment tip laptop, laptop batteries, and how to use a good laptop. Particularly care for a new laptop battery can last a long time. Later many colleagues on campus who complained that his laptop only lasted a few minutes only and there could be more severe laptop 'Matot' alias total dead while working. Well this article is specifically for a new laptop or want to have a durable laptop.
When it is almost all circles have been using the laptop in running activities, such as teaching (for teachers and lecturers), find the task for students and college students, surfing, chatting, or just typing the task and facebook. The laptop has some practical advantages such as that can be taken anywhere and can work with a battery of three hours or more on a new laptop. So how do we keep that ability as a new laptop?
It is very impractical and inefficient if we must always nyolokin laptop cable when operate it, well what's the difference with the PC then? In addition, not all the electrical plugs also provide very limited availability, so you also must take in order to share the cable round ... hiii really bother you?
From some of the surf and I can ask some maintenance tips Laptops kumpulin so durable and long lasting when using the batery.
· Perform regular defrag
The faster your hard drive performance, the more efficient your battery, so make your hard drive as efficiently as possible by doing a defrag on a regular basis. How to defragment click START, then All programs then Accessories, select System Tools and click Disk Defragmenter. Then do the defrag for each partition on your laptop. Do a disk defragment it regularly. If this has not been done then this will be quite time consuming.
· Reduce the light of your monitor
To conserve your battery energy, reduce light laptop monitor to the appropriate tolerance limits for your eyes. This can be done using the keyboard like a laptop Accer by pressing Fn and ◄ keys simultaneously. The less light the longer the period of use the batery.
Avoid constantly connecting cable
The habit of plugging in the cable when the battery is full is the initial damage to the battery. If the battery is fully disconnect the charging cable. So always keep an eye on the lights code that indicates the battery is full, immediately unplug the cord. So the laptop is running on battery. In addition you can also remove the battery and using only electricity, but is at risk of losing data if the electricity suddenly dead.
· Turn off unnecessary programs
If you do not use the program you should turn off, for example: Itunes, Desktop Search, and others. These programs increase the CPU load and battery. Shut down all programs that are not important if you're using a laptop with a battery. Well roughly corresponds motto PLN, an important turn when essential. Er important one off non-essential.
· Turn off the external hardware
External devices that are connected with USB (including your mouse and pad cooling) and WiFi, or a printer connected to the laptop, all of them suck your battery power. Unplug or turn off.
· Replace the mouse and wireless keyboard
If you do have to use external mouse and keyboard, then use a device that uses a cable instead of wireless mouse. This is because the mouse and keyboard that has a cable relative to spend a little more energy and conserve battery life.
· Add RAM
If you frequently use programs that require large memory, you should add RAM your laptop. The use of virtual memory is more burdensome hard drive so the laptop battery faster.
• Use the hard drive instead of CD / DVD
Although the hard drive spends a lot of battery power, but CDs and DVDs to spend more energy again, even when they are not being used. If possible store in your hard drive. It would be better if using a virtual drive program like Alcohol 120%.
· Keep the battery clean.
Try to open the battery located at the bottom of your laptop and clean the iron that the energy connecting the battery with a laptop on a regular basis, so that the transfer of energy from your battery more efficient.
· Keep the battery condition.
Not good to let the battery fully charged in a state of dormancy for long periods of time. Once completed, you should use the battery at least once in 2-3 weeks. One thing to remember, if your laptop battery Li-On then never use it until it is completely discharged.
• Choose hibernate, not standby
Often we make a laptop in standby mode so it can be activated immediately when touched even if left to sleep. This does save battery life and you can immediately use your laptop at anytime. But actually your laptop is not really dead.
So, you should use the hibernate function that can save electrical energy is much more because this function is completely shut down your laptop when not being touched in the period that you set yourself.
To do hibernate can be done on the control panel or on the next screen by clicking the right and take Properties, Screen Saver, and select Power in the bottom right. Please set the time of his hibernation.
After hibernate, if you hit the power button, it will come back like before when they die. So you can continue your job or your writing. (Wait at least 30 seconds to restart the laptop).
· Keep the temperature of your laptop.
Laptops will function more efficiently if the temperature is cooler. Then clean the air vents with a soft cloth or keyboard cleaner. When using a keyboard protector, disconnect if the temperature was increased.
• Do not use a laptop in bed / pillow / Carpet Thickness
Lho emang why? You see when the bottom of the laptop is closed it will increase the temperature of the laptop. So using a laptop with a pillow is a bad idea because it would cover the air vents. If you really desperate to want to typing in bed, ya aja buy a small table where you put the laptop.
Think, too, if you use a wrapper that prevents the laptop vents. Even had a friend who eventually laptop totally dead. Likewise if you use a laptop on a soft surface (a type of thick carpet) that can result in non-current ventilation.
• Adjust the 'power options' in order to optimally
Select the 'Power Options' in your control panel and adjust so that laptop remains optimal energy use (select Max Battery) for maximum effect).
Avoid multitasking
Do something in one by one if you're using a laptop with a battery. Do not work with multitasking if you really want to save your battery because it is draining.
· Reduce the load on your CPU.
Activities such as email and word processing a small burden for a laptop CPU, uses less battery power than running winamp let alone games or watching a DVD, would quickly run out. So choose your priorities wisely.
· Reduce the load on the graphics
You can do this by changing your screen resolution and turn off the graphics driver is not required. Graphics card or video card is the same as the hard disk borosnya in energy spent batteries.
· Turn Your Laptop
If you do not use it for several hours, like at midnight so you should just turn off. You can still save energy, although the laptop / computer you may not die completely, ie, by setting the power management functions on your computer to make the monitor and computer (CPU, hard drive, etc.) in the mode 'sleep' after a few hours is not used. This can save energy when you are not actively using the computer. But as has been disebutin above, hibernation is more efficient again.
If you want to turn the laptop back when turned off, wait about 30 seconds so that your hard drive is more durable.
· Buy a new battery
If your laptop still can not stand, it is likely the battery has been damaged since you first read this too late. But that's okay. There's a pretty good move by buying a new battery and avoid all bad habits, especially using a laptop while dicolokin to electricity.
· Buy a new laptop
However, if the above step does not "mangkus" probably the last way is probably the easiest way but not necessarily the cheapest. So if you have enough budget to buy a new laptop aja. When this has been present more efficient laptop that has reached a point where even the producers have now dared to promise a battery that can hold a full day. But as long as you do not do bad habits when berlaptop above.
Turning on Laptops with No Battery
Later frequently asked how the impact if a laptop right away without batery (AC) in the sense of direct attached cable and batery it removed. This may be done and will be able to keep the batery conditions remain durable. However, if the electricity is often sudden death might be at risk of damage to programs or data loss.
This may be done, but not for too long let the batery in the unused state (idle / unused) for too long. It could also damage the batery.
Additional tips:
ØSaat battery is full enough, you should you turn off the autosave function when using MS Word or Excel because they can add an unnecessary burden on your hard drive. And conversely when your laptop battery is running low, you should re-enable autosave function because you'll never know when your laptop battery is completely discharged. And when that happens, of course you do not want to lose your job instead? If yes biarin confused wrote autosave always ...

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